Vase Fishes Shagreen White

Item No ASB.080\GGR

Vase Fishes Shagreen White


L27cm x D27cm x H39cm

L27cm x D27cm x H39cm
  • KWD 110.000



Product Name:--Vase Fishes Shagreen White  

Model Number:--ASB.080\GGR

Shape                 Trophy

Colour                  Silver

Materials              Cermanic and  Metallic 

Size                      L27cm x D27cm x H39cm

Craft                      Handmade

Orgin/Country       China                     


Beautiful Asian theme porcelain piece perfect to accent any home decor in the theme. We are committed to bringing highquality and affordable prices. Our porcelain pieces are handmade during parts of the design process so there will be some inconsistencies in design and coloring from photo at times due to each piece having its own unique structure.

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