Tea Jar Koi Carpes LS

Item No JDA.052\GJB

Tea Jar Koi Carpes LS


L24cm x D24cm x H24cm

L24cm x D24cm x H24cm
  • KWD 60.500


Products quick details

Product Name                             Tea Jar Koi Carpes

Brand Name                                          CERAMICS
Model Number JDA.052\GJB
Material Ceramic
Craft Handmade
Shape Circular
Size L24cm x D24cm x H24cm
Feature High Temperature Ceramic
Color Blue/Orange
Pattern Hand painted
Glazed On Glazed
Usage Home, Restaurant, Hotel


This Tea jar Kai Carpes LS is hand painted with Koi Carpes Fish and measures L24cm x D24cm x H24cm . It’s brand new but through a process where these jars are aged underground for a period of time they develop an aged patina that really enhances their character.Perfect on a mantle piece or grouped with other jars as a centerpiece.

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