Ceramic Lidded Jar, White/Blue/Gold

Item No vc10464-02

Ceramic Lidded Jar, White/Blue/Gold


L21cm x D21cm xH40

L21cm x D21cm xH40
  • KWD 48.000



Product Name               Ceramic Lidded Jar, White/Blue/Gold

Material                         Cermanic

Model Number              vc10464-02

Color                             White/Blue/Gold

Number Of Pices           2


Constructed of high quality Ceramic. This Ceramic Lidded Jar home accent piece will brighten and liven up your room, as well as add a touch of fun and surprise to your home decor. Measures 21 x 21 x 40cms . With our large range of styles, our decorative accents will give your space that extra special love to enjoy your new home furnishings. The color of this beautiful and lovely home decoration is very unique and will iluminate any room.This Ceramic Lidded Jar will be a great accent to your home decor. This home design piece will allow you to accentuate your style with planning your interior design.Enhance your home decor with our gorgeous and stunning lines of Vases And Jars. Our decorative accents will inspire your creativity with designing your home and outdoor spaces.

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