Tea Set With Golden Stripes Green

Item No 51303

Tea Set With Golden Stripes Green


W7cm x H9 Centimeters

W7cm x H9 Centimeters
  • KWD 48.000



Product Name          Tea Set With Golden Stripes Green

Model Number          51303

Style                         Traditional

Type                         Tea Cup With Saucer

Colour                      Green

Craft                         Handpainted

Orgin/Country          Turkey


Our ceative mind by drinking a hot cup of your favorite beverage in this coffee cup. It features a unique print pattern that  will surely become your instant favorite. It is crafted from traditional style, which gives it a nice finish. This tes set is perfect for coffee, tea ,etc. and aslo a perfect gift for any occasions .Tea set with green and golden stripes is the shape of design is very classical. Enhance your tea pr coffee experience with these unique styled and good quality tea sets with your family of friends. Featuring an attractive and stylish design coffee cups. These tea set cups are best for serving tea coffee, kawa etc. These tea set cups will be wonderful addition to your home.

                                              Made In Turkey

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