Blue Dots Sticanna (Set Of 6)

Item No 14

Blue Dots Sticanna (Set Of 6)


W6cm x H8 Centimeters

W6cm x H8 Centimeters
  • KWD 14.000



Product Name             Blue Dots Sticanna

Style                            Traditional

Material                       Glass

Type                            Tea Cup with Saucer

Model Number             14   

Design by                    Faruk Malhan                          



The Tea plant, as a drink providing cure, pleasure , energy and elimininating fatigue, has settled in our culture at once. Whether you drink it "dark" or "kitlama", it was always brewed over boiling kettles, and always served in thin bellied tea cups on porcelain saucers. This tea cup and this saucer always identified with our tea culture has never been abandoned. With its thin bellied structure, istanbul tea glasses addlegacy of beauty and enchantment to the ritual of tea, which is established in our culture; change the taste of tea. The Istanbul tea glases  let a common characteristic to be unique and different. The design that interweaves the glass base and the the saucer is the heritage of a rooted culture. 

                        Made in Turkey

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