Antique Green Sofa

Item No ANT-235

Antique Green Sofa


H103cm x L129cm x D58cm

  • KWD 600.000



Product Name             Antique Green  Sofa

Model Number            ANt- 235

Secondary Material     Solid Wood

Uphlostery Color         Green


In an age of modern sofa manufacturers on every high street, antique sofas might seem like a strange prospect to some. However, as the pendulum of design inevitably swings, antique sofa styles are asserting a new relevance in interior design. In short: they will not be disappearing from our homes any time soon. The nostalgic embrace of traditional, or heritage, design has long influenced British design tastes. Antique sofas boast a range of iconic styles that have graced our interiors for centuries. Take a look at our antique sofa style guide with pictures. 

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