About Haya House

About Haya House

Minimalistic, Modern & Affordable
Your home is who you are. It reflects your personality. It tells a story for people to see. And that is exactly what Hayahouse Okad International aspires to do! At Hayahouse Okad International, we create the best mid-century modern furniture and home accessories that we would personally love to have at our homes! Step in and discover our wide range of fresh, vibrant and unique pop of colours and designs that can transform your space - just the way you’ve always dreamed of.

We are thrilled to bring you our perfect blend of minimalistic yet affordable modern furniture and home accessories, that’s dedicated to empowering the best of you with a touch of our creativity. Whether you’re looking for something simple, contemporary, traditional, or a mix of EVERYTHING - we’ve got it all! #YOUNAMEITWEDELIVER
So what are you waiting for? Join in and together, let’s spark magic with a click of a button.

Hayahouse Okad International is all about celebrating differences.

Kuwait has taken immense pride in being the home ground for various nationalities. And Hayahouse Okad International embraces this very essence, by creating furniture and home accessories that replicates the style and interests of people worldwide. It is the first-ever Kuwaiti store to offer mid-century modern designs at an affordable price.
We are all about empowering you, your vision, your thoughts, without having to comprise anything! Whether your ideas are unconventional or traditional, Hayahouse Okad International is determined to build a community that celebrates your authentic self.

Our Inspiration
Hayahouse Okad International is all about YOU. Yes, we mean it!

Living in the 21st century, we expect nothing but quick and quality solutions. At Hayahouse Okad International we strive to deliver the finest experience for everyone who aspires to be a part of the smart-urban lifestyle within a blink of an eye. With the passion to create high-end quality furniture and home accessories, our team is determined in designing the ideal mid-century modern home that is economical and favours all taste buds!

Our Aspirations
Stand Out • Inspire • Empower • Repeat!

The journey of Hayahouse Okad International has just begun. We are geared to taking up new challenges every single day to innovate and deliver unique mid-century modern furniture and home accessories that caters to everyone. We strive to go above and beyond, to reinvent homes in the fastest way possible to empower customers through their own identity.

Our Ideologies


- Hayahouse Okad International was born with the motive to create beautiful interiors that have the power to tell your story in the most unique way possible.


- Passion is at the core of Hayahouse Okad International. Our non-stop commitment to improving and inventing the finest mid-century furniture and home accessories is solely inspired by you!


- We are open, honest and reliable. People count on our words for an easy-going experience.


- Hayahouse Okad International is made for the people. We believe your lifestyle at an affordable price. No questions asked.